Our Activities

Teleview Electronics Is The Sole OWNER of  Televiewonline.com  
Engaged in various kind of  Electronic Activities since last almost 16 years.

The  company activities can be categorized  mainly in following areas.

1> Consultation of electronics and microcontroller based circuit design
2> Development of electronics and microcontroller based circuits and prototypes
3> Maintenance of electronics Devices and controller based subsystems.
5> Academics.

The company provides the professional consultation for the various kind of electronic circuits and assemblies.
The company Even provides the Professional grade consultation to the young Engineers for developing their devices and  Projects for  their Semesters Assignments.

The company Undertakes the Development work for the microcontroller based systems for various fields as well as the small circuits problems and setup definitions. we have designed so many prototypes for many companies for their needs including VIPRO-GE And many other reputed clients

the company is busy with the high end sophisticated systems maintenance. The systems are like - sophisticated alarm systems , automatic and programmable coil winding machines , cutter and paper plotter machines and high definition printing machines.


company undertakes the jobs for data retrievals and  MCU  firmware  recovery with granted results. by using high end sophisticated technology.

The company provides specialized and professional training to the Engineering students and Professionals in the following

1>Embedded System Design with Firmware and hardware design course.(30 to 40 days)
2>Electronics hands on practice Training course (1 month)
3>The P.C.B design Training course(20 days)

1> Embedded System Design and Professional Grad Programming.
This training program is of one month and it's a personalized Training. The student may be a professional or a university Engineering student Who want to make the carrier in Embedded System design.
The training module is made flexible as per the students caliber and grasping abilities.
After completion of this training the student can design a system from a concept to actual device with all professional grade skills and abilities. the Training Includes the Firmware Design as well as the electronics interfacing and Hardware Design aspects

2> Electronics hands on practice Training.

The Training module consists of mostly practical training in electronics fields and with various kind of systems and circuits.
The students may be the professionals or the University Engineering student. In this Training program they are trained to identify the circuits builds and operation and actual working of the circuits cards. Practical component fault finding and component check methods are reveled as per the professional demands and a Vision is developed to find out immediately the working of a given circuit in a practical scenario and the faults if any.

3> The P.C.B design Training.

In this training the students again may be a professional or a university Engineering student. This training is very much useful to the personal to make them even self Employed in the field of electronics P.C.B design field. it's a 20 days course Personalized Training Program

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we provide Training and project for the engineering students for electronics branches--on the payment bases only