How To Buy from

Thank you for Purchasing. Be assured, we will Provide you the Best and at our best possible delivery speed.

  • There are 3 Simple ways to purchase from Teleview Electronics VIA
  • Method 1

        Easy Buy for local Indian Customers

This method is easy for student customers who do not possess the Access of CREADIT or DEDIT cards, Simply can deposit Money(INR) in to the bank accounts Provided Below.

                                          For Payment In INDIAN Rs.
Bank Name
                                      ICICI Bank
Branch Name
Account No
Bank IFSC Code
Account Holders Name
                                   Ketan Raval
  • Here Is The exact Example for Indian Orders
If you Want to purchase an Item of Rs.300/- form Us. Then follow these simple steps.

1> Your Total Payable Amount Becomes Rs. 399/- ( Rs. 300 for Item + Rs.99 for Delivery Charges.)

2> Deposit the above amount in the ICICI Bank Account Number Provided Herewith.

3> SEND Us a Mail stating Your full Details of Address about The Item you Purchased, And the Amount You Deposited in our BANK ACCOUNT. (if you say us the Purpose of Buying, in the E-mail, we can help you Technically also after you buy.)

4> Just Enjoy..!! Your Item Will Reach To your Doorsteps Within 48 to 72 Hours. Depending Upon Your Location In INDIA.

  • For our Foreign Customers also, we Will Soon Provide the Direct Payment Option Facility. With which they can make the direct payments in our account with any currency.
          Till then They can Use the Another Purchase method - BUYING THROUGH PAYPAL
          Which is Integrated To Our Website.

  • For all over INDIA we will deliver your Item for Just Nominal Postage Charge of Rs. 99/-
  • Method 2

        For Customers Within INDIA or In Foreign Country With Credit OR debit Cards

You can also purchase easily with the Paypal Integrated Service to our website. By Using Your Credit OR Debit cards. Select the Items what you want to buy and add to the cart. When you checkout, calculate the total cost with shipping and proceed for the payment through paypal
As soon as we will receive your payment through paypal in our account, we will dispatch your order within 2 working days and you will receive it at your destination any where in the world as fast as possible according to your destination.

  • Method 3
You can even send the amount by Western Union Money Transfer Service.
In that case Mail Us For the transfer