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** We Provide Free Technical Help to the Engineering Students and other electronic Branch Students Only in Some cases where they are really stuck
      At a Point In their PROJECT WORK.
*We Offer Special Reduced Rate to Students for their PCB design Work With Faster Delivery.

( Please take a prior Appointment on the Mobile Number Provided, Before Approaching us At our office )
We NOW offer specialized and tailor made SMPS design services for your Requirement of any kind of Power supply Unit. Starting from small applications and ranging up to biggest Industrial applications.
High Frequency & Very high Frequency SMPS designing for special size reduction purpose and portebility, is our speciallity. Read more..

We Undertake to develop Fully Automatic very small size Battry Chargers for Automobile Batteries & Industrial Applications. Read more..
We undertake Any SOLAR  solution with complete set up of INVERTER & Battery chargers up to 600 VA. Read more..
We Undertake industrial motor control designing work for both A.C & D.C  motors starting from 12Volts up to 96 Volts. Read more..
Complete Electronic Ignition solution for Automobiles. No more starting troubles EVER  in any weather conditions. Read more...
We Undertake industrial grade SMPS Transformer or other  specialized transformer Design work. Read more...